FUE hair implant device

FUE hair implant device

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FUE instrument is an automatic motorized punching devi-ce to extracts grafts for FUE technique, it con- sists of amotorized handpiece that moves a punch of 0.8-1.3mm in diameter with an alternating rotation movement.


Easy to use, accurate, and Time saving device

1.Punch rotates automatically in alternating derection. it enable to avoid twesting and damaging hair grafts when the punch penetrates the skin.

2.The rotation speed of the punch is adjustable, The speed is from 4 to 10 revolutions per second.

3.The rotation angle of the punch is adjustable, From 22° to 540°.

4.Utmost thin walled punch.

5.Touch screen design, easily to control and operate

Instrument components

  • Console

  • handpiece

  • Disposable punch

  • Forcep
  • The ports of console

  • ① Handpicece port:connect the handpiece to console.

    ② Pedal switch port:connect the pedal switch to console.

    ③ Power socket:connect the console to power source with power cable.

    ④ Leakage protection switch:turn on or turn off the console.

    5 Method for loading and unloading the punch

    1) Rotate the fixing tube of handpiece in one direction,see Fig-1.

    2) Insert the punch into the central hole of handpiece,

    3) Rotate the fixing tube in reverse direction,the punch is loaded. see Fig-2.

    4) Unload the punch in reverse process.

    FOLIPEN, is important part in Implantation of grafts.

  • Folipen ideal for FUT in quantities and no scars…
  • Operating method


    1) check the punch,if not intact,take a new one.

    2) read and comprehend the user manual.

    Operating procedure

    1) Connect the console to power source,

    2) Turn on the switch,

    3) Choose bidirectional or monodirectional mode,

    4) Set the parameter of speed and angle,

    5) Press the count button and switch to the count interface,

    6) lay up the punch near the scalp for hair grafts extraction,

    7) puncture in the scalp,

    8) pick up the hair grafts with forcep,

    9) Implant the hair grafts in bald area.



    Suitable components



    duration:30 minutes


    EO fumigation

    EO concentration:600 (±30) ppm



    duration:6 hours

    gas composition:EO 30% + CO2 70%

    pressure:0.5 - 0.7kg/cm2


  • Technical data

    Casing measurements WxDxH:





    acc. to design220V~50Hz

    Safety fuses:

    acc. to design220V=3A

  • The menu of touch screen

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